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 The College of Psychic Studies

 New online introductory course 




Price £130 members   non members £160.     



This course is aimed at guiding you into an exploration of your psychic abilities.


During the 6 weeks you will learn through visualisation, meditation exercises and discussions how to:


Sense and expand your energy field.

Work with and learn about your Chakras.

Look at any blocks in your energy field, that maybe holding you back from aligning yourself to your positive opportunities.

Access informationthrough universal intelligence, the archangels and your spirit guides and helpers.

Work on your psychic abilities with psychic exercises and tools to develop your abilities.

Give simple psychic readings to other class members.

Convey information accurately and responsibly.

Understand the different vibration between psychic work and mediumistic work.


When joinning this course you will need your own deck of oracle cards or tarots to help with certain exercises. Whatever deck you resonate with.


if interested go to The College of Psychic Studies website:


Ifif iening Foundation 



 Heightened Consciousness


The College of Psychic Studies

New online Course

8 weeks



£170 Members /  £200 non members


Begin Communicating:

Through meditation and visualisation be inspired by the spiritual world as you connect to your guides and the angels who provide wellbeing and guidance. These higher spiritual envoys are the gateway into the exploration and wisdom of your own soul.


Practise Practise:

Through tools and varied exercises for example: picture readings, blind readings, and other inspired activities, you will improve your abilities and your trust. A hands - on course where you will practise your skills as a reader in order to strengthen your talents.


Balance and Harmony:

Work on certain chakra points as a collective group or individually within the course to create more harmony and self - knowledge. The Chakras help the individual to re-evaluate and enchance one's life.


Open to students who have attended an introductory course.


Please have a deck of oracle cards to use (any deck that you resonate with.

If interested please go to:


members £200/ non memebers £230




k ethically and responsibly.

Develop your accuracy to find those facts that create a strong reading.

How to deepen your connections to your guides amd helpers, building trust.

To work on your spiritual growth and self awareness, through energy work and connecting to the archangels.

Access information that connects to your soul lin


£210 Members / £240 Non members.


Suitable for those aspiring towards a professional standard of psychic mediumship.


This is a course tailored towards strengthening your link to the spirit world.

We will work towards a naturalness and flow within your readings, whether psychic, mediumistic or channelled information through your guide.


Strengthening the link with your guides will enchance your connection, creating a powerful conduit between you and the spirit world.
















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