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Readings should be deemed as 'educational and for entertainment purposes only.'

You must be over 18 to use this service.

All psychic, mediumistic and tarot readings are completed in good faith.Guidance and insight may be provided during  a reading. I believe that you are capable of taking action in shaping your own destiny. Therefore what you do with any guidance or information  that you may recieve, is entirely your free will and your responsibility. 

 Please beaware a reading may not provide you with the anwers  you seek.

Readings should not be used as a substitute for any professional, legal, financial, or medical or psychiatric  advice or guidance. 

If a certain number of students for courses, workshops is not attained. The course, workshop will be cancelled and a full refund given.

Maria Antoniou Psychic medium reserves the right to ask a student, client to leave a course, workshop or consultation.

Anyone  wishing to enroll for courses or workshops, are embarking upon a spiritual path. Everyone should take personal responsibility for themselves and attendance to courses, consultations, workshops are at the individuals  own risk without liability to the course leader and her associates. (Any health problems or medication that is being taken) please consult Maria Antoniou Psychic Medium before joining the course, workshop or consultation. 

Anyone wishing to enroll on a course or consultation must pay at least 2 days before their course, consultation begins or their booking will be cancelled. 

 Anyone wishing to cancel a reading,  course, workshop would need to give 2 days notice prior to their consultion,course or workshop commencing for a full refund. 


























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